Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conversation with a whore

...first parts were missing.. couldn't find it! grr... anyway, nagsimula ang usapan ng itanong sa akin ni Taneisha kung san magandang pumunta sa Cebu. At ito na nga ang sumunod na usapan.

10:14pm Duke:
-mga one hour lang timang.
-sino kasama mo?

10:14pm Taneisha:
-ay ganun layu nmn
-mga bakla
-anu yung sasakyan taxi o may jeep nmn?

10:15pm Duke
-hahahha.. girl maraming terorista dun...

10:15pm Taneisha:
-anun terroista

10:16pm Duke:
-lalo na mga bakla

10:16pm: Taneisha:
-parang tanga lang kc cebu pacific bagsak presyo

10:16pm Duke:
-pinapatay dun

10:16pm Taneisha:

10:16pm Duke:

10:16pm Taneisha:
-bka ibagsak din kame
-sorrry sila lang bilat ako

10:17pm Duke:

10:17pm Taneisha:

10:18pm Duke:
-girl excited nako sa rosalinda at stairway to heaven at darna
-tanginang coco martin sarap hadain nyeta.. laki ng nota.

10:18pm Taneisha:
-haha libog mo girl

10:19pm Duke:

10:19pm Taneisha:
-bat ganyan ka

10:19pm Duke:
-papakantot ako dun pramis
-puta ka
-ikaw nga jan kung san san ka nakakarating... ahaha
-papauring ka lang eh!

10:19pm Taneisha:
-charity mission ung ginagawa ko girl

10:20pm Duke:
-hahahahaha!! nimal ka.. batukan kita jan

10:20pm Taneisha:
-pilgrimage ba
-kaaliw ung adik sau no

10:21pm Duke:
-girl maghanda kana ng pamasahe ko for thailand!
-dadating ako
-i mean sa pinas

10:22pm Taneisha:
-hahaha puta ka lang
-wag mo nga ko pinapakaba

10:22pm Duke:
-sige na

10:23pm Taneisha:
-gaga padrop na dun sa airplane
-wait mo nlng ako dun

10:23pm Duke:
-hahaha.. nimal ka tlga

10:23pm Taneisha:

10:23pm Duke:
-sarap mong tanggalan ng nota

10:23pm Taneisha:
-wag ka na dumerecho d2 para tipid
-kajoin m c bob?

10:24pm Duke:
-sandali wag ka muna magtype
-hindi sha sasama
-kaya nga maghanda kana ng pamasahe

10:25pm Taneisha:
-so dalaga ang emote mo
-haha malay mo mag promo ng buy 1 take one ang cebu pacific

10:25pm Duke:
-nyeta ka tlga..
-girl, sige na

10:26pm Taneisha:

10:27pm Duke:
-sandali girl may ginagawa ako.. aliw to

10:27pm Taneisha:

10:28pm Duke:
-sandali.. involve ka dito

10:29pm Duke:

... FIN

............. as of press time, wla na po akong narinig kay Taneisha... ako po ay kinakabahan at natatakot kung anu na po ang nangyari sa kanya... sana po ay masaya sha sa piling ni Lord, un eh kung tinanggap man sha. hahahahha.. I love Taneisha Black!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SOME Ideas for my blogging journey

Two years ago, my friend Taneisha Black introduced me to his/her blogsite. She sent me her link, which was.... .. hahaha. I was impressed with her entries. Definitely interesting especially for those who wants to see the Philippines.

We started talking about it and the idea of "why don't I create a blog as well?" I thought about photography, sexual escapades (lol), up to simple stuff like.... uhmm.. I don't know.

So here are some ideas I want to consider. And I have to ask her again what those ideas were. I have a short memory problem.. sorry. hahaha

Here we go:
1. Photo daily: photos of Los Angeles. places in LA where I go, where I hang out, and where I hook up(?). Talk about it and basically promote it at some point. Probably not a good idea to promote a sex place, huh? LOL

2. Journal: Everyday stuff that I do. New discoveries, new friends, what I did that day, and sh*t.

3. Travel: I sooooo love to travel... even though, yes I hate airports. Places I go to, here and abroad. I have loads of pictures and maybe will share it sometime.

4. Pets or just dogs: Maybe take photos of my friends who owns one and talk about it/them. I just recently became a dog lover and I still don't own one up to now. LOL. I want a bichon friese please!!!

5. People I have met along my life's journey: Yes, I wanna talk about people. New people, old people, new friends, acquaintances, all sorts of people specifically those I have interacted or communicated with. I don't know how I'm going to do that, but that should be simple. hehe.

6. My life as an International Student: Who wouldn't be interested in my life? Everyone wants to be ME! jk!

7. Movies: As you can see, I am a struggling writer. haha. I don't really love writing not even like! But I want to talk about films that I have seen. I am a movie buff and so is my body. WHAT?!

and lastly 8. Books: right. I'm going to be making a fool out of myself if I do this. here we are. Some ideas to ponder. What do you think, guys?!

SO... Where do I go from here?

Just recently my very awesome (insert sarcasm) friend, Denver created a blog site. He's got pretty nice entries so far. End of story. LOL

Anyway, as I was scrolling his page, I got curious with this "dashboard" link.. I thought, since I'm using Mac and there's Dashboard for Mac for... oh screw it.. blah blah.. I got curious, that's it. I clicked on it and it took me to some kind of a "blogger" page. And so I thought, "Well, I prolly need to sign in so that I can be an "official" follower of my dearest friend." CRAP! As I was going through and filling all that blank parts, it came to my dumb head that I was actually on the process of creating my own blog---- the least thing I want to do!!!!! Oh christ!

So here I am... I think I have to deal with this. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Maybe I should start writing? Maybe I'm bound to be a writer someday?!?!

The question is... what the heck am I going to write here? What kind of entries? Is this going to be exciting? Who am I? Where am I? Why do birds suddenly appear?!? hahahaha.

Any suggestions, comments, and grammar corrections will be much appreciated...

GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!! hahahaha