Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SOME Ideas for my blogging journey

Two years ago, my friend Taneisha Black introduced me to his/her blogsite. She sent me her link, which was.... http://letsgotophilippines.blogspot.com/ .. hahaha. I was impressed with her entries. Definitely interesting especially for those who wants to see the Philippines.

We started talking about it and the idea of "why don't I create a blog as well?" I thought about photography, sexual escapades (lol), up to simple stuff like.... uhmm.. I don't know.

So here are some ideas I want to consider. And I have to ask her again what those ideas were. I have a short memory problem.. sorry. hahaha

Here we go:
1. Photo daily: photos of Los Angeles. places in LA where I go, where I hang out, and where I hook up(?). Talk about it and basically promote it at some point. Probably not a good idea to promote a sex place, huh? LOL

2. Journal: Everyday stuff that I do. New discoveries, new friends, what I did that day, and sh*t.

3. Travel: I sooooo love to travel... even though, yes I hate airports. Places I go to, here and abroad. I have loads of pictures and maybe will share it sometime.

4. Pets or just dogs: Maybe take photos of my friends who owns one and talk about it/them. I just recently became a dog lover and I still don't own one up to now. LOL. I want a bichon friese please!!!

5. People I have met along my life's journey: Yes, I wanna talk about people. New people, old people, new friends, acquaintances, all sorts of people specifically those I have interacted or communicated with. I don't know how I'm going to do that, but that should be simple. hehe.

6. My life as an International Student: Who wouldn't be interested in my life? Everyone wants to be ME! jk!

7. Movies: As you can see, I am a struggling writer. haha. I don't really love writing not even like! But I want to talk about films that I have seen. I am a movie buff and so is my body. WHAT?!

and lastly 8. Books: right. I'm going to be making a fool out of myself if I do this.

...so here we are. Some ideas to ponder. What do you think, guys?!


  1. OKAAAYYY!!! I f*cked this entry up..

    I should quit using these < >!!! grr... a lot of sentences were missing because of that and it's all italicized!!!! grrr...